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Roger Allan CleavesSlave 2013  12in x 12in Acrylic and Ink on Paper
Space Juice [Physical cut & tape] - Collage art by: Morgan Jesse Lappin
James Cooper - ‘Man staring at a cactus’Acrylic on canvas.
Butter 2012Roger Allan Cleaves12”x12”  (30cm x 30cm)

creatures from the road


Something I put together a little while back, music by Mike Johnson..

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Carla Adams 
Basketball, 2013. Paper Mache and House paint on Cardboard plinth. 150 x 40 x 40cm 

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Call For Art : Submission Blog and Online Publication


We would love some submissions of your art to our submission blog,


We are also composing the next issue of our online publication.
Aesthetic Taste


Submission Criteria:
Art Essays/ Criticism
Short Stories
Contemporary Art Reviews- Music, Bands, Showing etc

If you think your followers might be interested pass it on!!!

Our goal is to connect talented artist from around the world..
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Aesthetic Taste Magazine

Aesthetic Taste is a quarterly publication dedicated to the advancement of art and art practice. It is a forum for artists and art-enthusiasts eager for challenging and refreshing art-work and criticism of contemporary art. It is a place which seeks to breed a new movement in art which truly reflects the values, dreams, and desires of contemporary culture. The drive to create something which is never-before-seen is the only driving force in the advancement of art. It is the job of Art Historians to invent meaningful narratives to explain this advancement. No porpoises were harmed in the creation of this publication. Eat Dolphin, save Tuna.

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